Presenting Mostly Yourselves


The title Presenting Mostly Yourselves is taken from the 70’s old time Music Hall TV show the Good Old Days, when the loquacious master of ceremonies declared the entertainment was mostly provided by those in the stalls enjoying the show, the viewer. The open show explores an inverse approach to curation in which the showing of work is privileged over concept, the outcome a shared pleasure in exhibition and a presentation of work that includes all comers.

artists featured

Victoria Trott, Barbara Jones, Emma Sprawson, Noah Taylor, Rachel Darbourne, Lesley Bricknell, William H Davison, Rosalie Wyatt, Lee Jackson, Rhys Phillips, Dr Ian Jamison, Matthew Thomas, Mary Doulton, Thomas Martin Loveder, Cathy Boult, Jo Ballard, Emma Wright, Bethany Thomas, RL Crindell, Laurie Christine Wilcocks, Maria Eastwood, Alan Qualtrough, James Garner, Deborah Duffin, Vicky Pulter, Theo Sykes, Caroline Gregory, Emma Winslet, Olivia Aggett, Pod Garner, David Edmond, Madeleine Boulesteix, Kim Thornton, Lucy Soni, Becky Weston, Alexandra Boaru.

to view from the street

The façade of 6 Caroline Place will be hung with Lucy Soni’s The Stars are Aligned misappropriating the naval tradition of dressed overall – the hanging of all flags out in celebration without intent of sending a signal message.

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Anne Robinson’s new film installation is currently a work in progress, due for completion early autumn 2018. It will be screened at 6CP on Saturday October 6th 3pm during the Atlantic platform in Plymouth

Wakeful: If I sleep I may Be Caught.

Listening to the past

It was a beautiful sight, icicles hanging everywhere – forming over our ship just as the wind had blown the waves and spray.

They had frozen before touching the deck. Icicles formed on the guard rail .. as the sea washed over us.

The ship was covered with snow and ice on the fo’castle. It froze all the oil in the guns. We had to light fires under the guns to warm them. Steam was ordered to be kept during our stay here to keep the torpedoes from freezing in their tubes.

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Wakeful  was sent just a few days after the declaration of ‘peace’ at the November 11th Armistice in 1918, on what was later called the ‘Baltic Cruise’ heading through mine-infested waters, for the Gulf of Finland and Estonia: an illegal war on Bolshevism and a government that feared international solidarity of workers.  Traumatised, but largely silent about his war, the artist’s father shared one(a) single, stark memory of ‘Russian sailors in the ice’, waking her one night as a child to listen to an account of horror, ice and death. This experience shapes the film work: its dreamlike sense of temporality and remembered voices. Engaged in research  decades later, she finds Wakeful and accounts of the voyage in two archived journals from sailors on the same ship, one a wireless telegraph officer, the other a signalman.  One contemporary account of bombardments by Wakeful during this conflict describes ‘human debris in the snow’… ‘Russian sailors in the ice’.

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Presenting Mostly Yourselves

Lucy Bunting image Lucy Soni The Stars Are Aligned

This year for the first time we are inviting artists to submit work for our truly Open Show Presenting Mostly Yourselves as part of Plymouth Art Weekender. You can download the submission form from the home page and bring in the completed form with your work on Saturday 15 September between 11am and 6pm. Check the details for info .

Exploring the theme of Presenting Mostly Yourselves, 6CP will be screening animation & film by  guest artists Olivia Aggett and Kim Thornton during the duration of the open show and Lucy Soni’s subversive bunting will be installed over the facade of the building

Uncanny World of Interiors

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sixcarolineplace opened for art in 2016 with a residency awarded to Olivia Aggett, with work produced shown with Uncanny World of Interiors as part of the second Plymouth Art Weekender.

Our interior space for living is where we are most revealed, as here we make our most personal mark. The temporary domestic space at Caroline Place showcases the work of artists and designers working with everyday materials, transforming the mundane into objects of desire.

The unheimlich of Freud’s analysis wherein things pertaining to homeliness and domesticity are somewhat wrong footed by one thing or another, subjective to be sure, make us question what exactly ‘home’ is. A place? A feeling? A tribe we belong to? This is a subject that has substantial contemporary currency as migration and dislocation move cultures from places of conflict or through economic displacement. Small items may be carried from one place to another – or left behind, to be found later and integrated into the scheme of things. Such items and dislocation surface within the disrupted home environment of the Uncanny World of Interiors.

Olivia Aggett – Uncanny residency 2016


Olivia Aggett was selected to be our first artist in residence in 2016 after graduating from Falmouth University with a BA in Drawing. She spent a month and a half drawing on the walls and wallpaper of one of our rooms. This was in the run up to our first Plymouth Art Weekender show ‘Uncanny World of Interiors’, where the piece was shown. Olivia’s work plays with the idea of the temporary – she created this piece with the foresight that it would be removed after showing. Her work is drawn straight onto surfaces with no pencil outline or safety net, this means that she has no room for error – as pen cannot be erased, and the canvas cannot be replaced. This led to a meticulous piece. The people that were drawn onto the grey wall were taken from images within London and Plymouth, they were the urban. The people on the wallpaper were taken from the Eden Project, these were hiding among the plants of the wallpaper’s design.