Presenting Mostly Yourselves


The title Presenting Mostly Yourselves is taken from the 70’s old time Music Hall TV show the Good Old Days, when the loquacious master of ceremonies declared the entertainment was mostly provided by those in the stalls enjoying the show, the viewer. The open show explores an inverse approach to curation in which the showing of work is privileged over concept, the outcome a shared pleasure in exhibition and a presentation of work that includes all comers.

artists featured

Victoria Trott, Barbara Jones, Emma Sprawson, Noah Taylor, Rachel Darbourne, Lesley Bricknell, William H Davison, Rosalie Wyatt, Lee Jackson, Rhys Phillips, Dr Ian Jamison, Matthew Thomas, Mary Doulton, Thomas Martin Loveder, Cathy Boult, Jo Ballard, Emma Wright, Bethany Thomas, RL Crindell, Laurie Christine Wilcocks, Maria Eastwood, Alan Qualtrough, James Garner, Deborah Duffin, Vicky Pulter, Theo Sykes, Caroline Gregory, Emma Winslet, Olivia Aggett, Pod Garner, David Edmond, Madeleine Boulesteix, Kim Thornton, Lucy Soni, Becky Weston, Alexandra Boaru.

to view from the street

The façade of 6 Caroline Place will be hung with Lucy Soni’s The Stars are Aligned misappropriating the naval tradition of dressed overall – the hanging of all flags out in celebration without intent of sending a signal message.

PMY invitation_edited-1

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